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Restaurant and Hotel Kitchen Exhaust System

Restaurant & Hotel Kitchen Exhaust System.

Most of the tasks in restaurant and hotel kitchen exhaust systems are accomplished with relatively simple tools like stoves provide a flame for cooking, refrigerators keep food cold, and knives chop. But one of the key exceptions to this principle is with a restaurant and hotel kitchen exhaust system. What looks to be a simple box that allows air to escape is, in fact, a complex system of interconnected parts that must operate together for efficient ventilation.

In the harsh environment of a commercial kitchen, it’s critical to rely on an effective hood system to keep the work environment safe and clean, as well as to protect expensive equipment from damaging grease build-up. Thankfully Modern Exhaust Systems produce kitchen exhaust system for restaurant and hotels that are lighter, more durable, and more able to handle the rigorous demands placed upon them.

Removing the amount of smoke and debris necessary to keep a restaurant and hotel kitchen exhaust systemrunning is a complex process. There are numerous functioning parts of an exhaust system, beginning with the equipment directly above the cooking surface and running all the way to the roof of the building.

restaurant and hotel kitchen exhaust system restaurant and hotel kitchen exhaust system

Our kitchen exhaust system is technically designed for commercial kitchen, Industrial etc. The smoke and oil is exhausted by the systems, leaving your kitchen absolutely clean and tidy.

Different Parts of Kitchen Exhaust System:

1. Suction Hood
(GI / Alu / S.S.)
2. Suction Filter
(GI / Alu / S.S.)
3. Kitchen Fume Exaust Duct 4. Suction Canvas 5. Centrifugal Blower 6. Axial Fan

Kitchen Exhaust Hoods L-Shape

L shape kitchen exhaust hood

In Wall Type Hood one face of hood is placed along the wall. Filters are mounted at an angle and there is freedom of movement below the hood. Grease collected in the filters is led to a pan for drainage.

Island type Hood

Island type kitchen exhaust system hood

Manufactured using superior quality and raw materials. Our Island hood exhaust helps in maintaining good kitchen ventilation ensuring health and comfort on the cool as well as preventing range top fire.

Grease Filters

grease filters in kitchen exhaust system

Construction of the baffles and frames are made of Aluminium / S.S. These filters can easily be adapted to any standard type of hood.These must be installed at angle with the baffles in vertical direction.
The light weight of the grease filter makes them easy to remove and service. The filters can easily be washed in soapy water. Because Aluminium / S.S. sheds grease rapidly, no expensive hazardous solvents are required.

Volume control dampers

volume control dampers in kitchen exhaust system

The basic function of Volume Control Damper is to control the exhaust air quantity from individual Exhaust Hood as per requirement and balance the entire exhaust system to give maximum efficiency at individual requirement.

Benefits of Kitchen Exhaust System in your Commercial Kitchen:

If you are a commercial kitchen owner or manager there are several advantages to keeping your kitchen exhaust system clean outside of passing regular fire code inspections.  Maintaining a clean commercial kitchen shows your employees and your customers that you care about the food service you provide as well as their safety and health. We know you care about your facility, so here are four benefits of kitchen exhaust system in place.

1. Fire Prevention

2. Energy Efficiency

3. Environmental Safety

4. Health Protection

Improving the living and working atmosphere of your commercial kitchen results in higher morale of both staff and customers. When you protect your employees from airborne contaminants, you’ll see increased productivity and decreased absence due to sick leave.

Cleaning is routine maintenance for all equipment that you have in the kitchen, so why should the inner workings of your kitchen exhaust duct work be any different? In fact, due to the increasing complexity of ventilation systems, it’s more crucial than ever to ensure a professional clean that covers all corners of your system. Modern Exhaust Systems is the industry leader when it comes to professionally servicing your system and providing the highest standard of clean available.

Get in touch with us today and rest assured about your commercial kitchen.

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